Beautiful Spanish Countryside Village and its Griffon Vultures.

Casares is one of the white villages in Malaga that’s of Moorish origin. It has been named an Historical-Artistic Site and, as if that weren’t enough, it is home to the ruins of a Medieval castle – we always love a white town with a castle!

As is to be expected in this town tucked up into the mountains, the streets are steep and narrow. It has been named a “hanging village” for this reason. The village is famous for the 200 Griffon vultures that live and fly around the village of Casares.

Casares was once upon a time home to Blas Infante (Writer, Politician and Father of Andalusian Nationalism) and you can visit his home, as well as a cultural center that bears his name.

Foodie Tips: The typical dishes from Casares are made with baby goat (“cabrito.”) Try the morcilla de cabrito with onions or as part of a stew. Another option is the gazpacho casareño and the artisanal goat cheese from the region of the Sierra Crestellina.

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