The Ancient Port Town at the Costa Del Sol.

Malaga is an ancient Mediterranean port town and has the weathered fortresses to prove it. Standing on a hilltop overlooking the bay, the old Alcazaba and the Castillo de Gibralfaro castles watch over the harbor action and offer stunning coastal views.

Malaga is an anomaly on the Costa del Sol among the endless stretch of beach resorts because it is a real working city. Those seeking a simple beach vacation should stick to the nearby beaches, but travelers interested in culture will enjoy Malaga.

This pleasant seaside town has fascinating ancient ruins, beautiful gardens, and a fantastic Picasso Museum as well as several other excellent museums. The city’s historic center is also a delightful area with its charming Old World ambience.

While exploring the narrow pedestrian streets, visitors will find inviting little boutiques and plazas filled with the terraces of tapas restaurants. For a delicious seafood meal, take a leisurely stroll along the harbor and try one of the waterside restaurants.