Renaissance Architecture in Ubeda

Amid picturesque olive plantations, the town of Ubeda along the Guadalquivir River is renowned for its Renaissance architecture.

Because of the town’s harmonious architectural unity, it has earned the name of the “Andalusian Salamanca,” a Spanish city famous for its beautiful historic buildings.
The central feature of Úbeda is the long Plaza de Vázquez Molina, surrounded by remarkable Renaissance buildings. A top attraction is the 16th-century Church of El Salvador on the northeast side of the square.

The church features a richly sculpted facade with two round towers. The interior is noteworthy for the Capilla Mayor, a semicircular chapel with an impressive dome, superb choir screen, and a retablo with a carved Transfiguration by Alonso Berruguete. The sacristy, by Vandelvira, is equally magnificent.

Near Úbeda is the lovely little town of Cazorla, dominated by its ancient castle. Cazorla is the main town of the Sierra de Cazorla and is a good base for nature walks or climbs into the Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla.